APRIL 2019

Every day 3 - 6.30

Monday 1
Ben Hazelton duo
Amazing avant-garde jazz with a dash of boogaloo blues

Tuesday 2
Caroline Loftus & Dave Colton
Soaring vintage swing with mellifluous melody and latin hues

Wednesday 3
Duo Manouche
Parisienne Gypsy swing jazz

Thursday 4
Louis & Jay
Whiskey soaked Louisiana jazz and bootleg blues

Friday 5
Brass Volcanoes
Good time stride and trombone heaven

Saturday 6
Dave & Claudia
Jumpin’ South American jazz and boogaloo swing

Sunday 7
The Sugar Kings
Vibrant Son Cubano with vocal harmonies from the salons of old Havana

Monday 8
Joe Webb duo
Lyrical New Orleans stride and boogaloo heaven

Tuesday 9
Gabrielle Ducomble
Parisian style jazz, chanson and fiery tango

Wednesday 10
TJ Johnson
“King of dirty jazz, backroom swing and rhythm and blues”

Thursday 11
Pete Horsfall
Swinging southern soul and bittersweet vintage jazz

Friday 12
Dominic Grant duo
Instrumental jazz with Calypso spirit and latin rhythms

Saturday 13
John Drain duo
Vintage swingin Delta blues & jazz

Sunday 14
Anselmo Netto duo
Brasilian jazz with samba grooves from Bahia to Rio

Monday 15
Jo Harrop
Velvety swing and misty eyed jazz

Tuesday 16
Kourosh Kanani & special guest
Swinging 30’s jazz manouche

Wednesday 17
Arthur Lea & special guest
“Like a 21st-century Thelonious Monk” with the voice of old man rhythm n blues

Thursday 18
Harry Sankey & Mike McQ
Lush hot jazz with a nod to Lester Young

Friday 19
Abbey Mordue
Infectious light-hearted jazz n jive

Saturday 20
Little George & the Blue Star
Early southern soul jazz and down home Chicago Blues

Sunday 21
Dom Grant & Mark Cherrie
Carnival of Calypso Jazz

Monday 22
Laurence Corns' Hotdog Corn dogs
Foot - tapping prohibition swing from the deep south (London)

Tuesday 23
Errol Linton duo
Old time British blues & jazz with gentle Caribbean rhythms

Wednesday 24
Jake & Artie Zaitz
Virtuosos of rhythm ’n’ blues jazz guitar

Thursday 25
Budley LaRoar
Ella inspired vocals, cocktail drum brushes and a dash of Wes Montgomery

Friday 26
Fraser and the Alibi
Hip blues, bop and boogaloo

Saturday 27
Marcus Bonfanti duo
The jazz love child of New Orleans Blues and Dr John with a drop of Hendrix

Sunday 28
The Sugar Kings
Vibrant Son Cubano with vocal harmonies from the salons of old Havana

Monday 29
Mike Guy Duo
Accordion led Gypsy jazz & continental cafe swing

Tuesday 30
Cousin Alice is back!
Smokey jazz and Vaudeville manouche

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