February 2020

Saturday 1
Ben Somers Blue Grass duo
Rootsy jazz Americana

Sunday 2
The Guevaras
The rhythms and melodies of Cuba and Latin America all the way to the birthplace of El Che

Monday 3
Adrian Cox
Lyrical New Orleans jazz from “London’s most charismatic reeds man”

Tuesday 4
Dom Pipkin
Soulful Southern stride and bubbling New Orleans jazz

Wednesday 5
Gabrielle Ducomble
Parisian style jazz, chanson and fiery latin tango

Thursday 6
El Capitano
Victorian carnival ‘blues over jazz’ Manouche

Friday 7
Marcus Bonfanti duo
The jazz love child of New Orleans Blues and Dr John with a drop of Hendrix

Saturday 8
Dave & Claudia
Jumpin’ South American jazz and boogaloo swing

Sunday 9
Anselmo Netto duo
Brasilian jazz with samba grooves from Bahia to Rio

Monday 10
Fraser and the Alibi
Hip blues, bop and boogaloo

Tuesday 11
Caroline Loftus & Dave Colton
Soaring vintage swing with mellifluous melody and latin hues

Wednesday 12
TJ Johnson
“King of dirty jazz, backroom swing and rhythm and blues”

Thursday 13
Louis & Jay
Whiskey soaked Louisiana jazz

Friday 14 Valentine’s day
Davide ‘Shorty’ Sciortino & Alessandro La Barbera
Romantic Flowing nu jazz from soulful Sicilians

Saturday 15
Errol Linton
Old time British blues & jazz with gentle Caribbean rhythms

Sunday 16
The Sugar Kings
Vibrant Son Cubano with vocal harmonies from the salons of old Havana

Monday 17
Laurence Corns' Hotdog Corn dogs
Foot - tapping prohibition swing from the deep south (London)

Tuesday 18
Kitty LaRoar
Sultry Sarah Vaughan jazz and free - stylin drums

Wednesday 19
Pete Horsefall
Swinging southern soul and bittersweet vintage jazz

Thursday 20
Abbey Mordue
Infectious light-hearted jazz n jive

Friday 21
Joplin Parnell & Ewan Bleach
Belle Époque early New Orleans jazz

Saturday 22
Dave & Claudia
Jumpin’ South American jazz and boogaloo swing

Sunday 23
Davide ‘Shorty’ Sciortino & Alessandro La Barbera
Flowing nu jazz from soulful Sicilians

Monday 24
Rollo Markee & the Tailshaker
Killer blues & midnight swing

Tuesday 25
FiFi La Mer & Alex Garnett
French chanson, Parisienne Musette and upbeat 20’s jazz

Wednesday 26
Brass Man Graham Hughes
Good time New Orleans in trombone heaven

Thursday 27
Ben Hazelton duo
Amazing avant-garde jazz with a dash of boogaloo blues

Friday 28
Arthur Lea & special guest
“Like a 21st-century Thelonious Monk” with the voice of old man rhythm n blues

Saturday 29
Little George & the Blue Star
Early southern soul jazz and down home Chicago Blues

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